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"Connecting to self and others

through artistic creation and live performance illuminates the ephemeral nature

of human life and fulfills my soul's urge to find meaning and purpose."


As a movement artist, I am interested in the human body's ability to house emotional depth and reveal truths that can only be accessed through listening to the body’s wisdom. I am deeply interested in how our tissues store memories and how our personal history and the history carried in our DNA and genetics impact our experiences. I have personally experienced, and believe in the healing, that is possible through art, emotional processing, therapy and movement. Sharing stories Is another door to healing; through stories we acknowledge our shared humanity, our joy and suffering, and they can point the way to a reclamation of wholeness. I dance, create and collaborate as an expression of my own vulnerability, spirituality and personal mental health journey. Community, growth, mindfulness, purpose, communication and education are core values that fuel my creative explorations and journey. I currently seek to explore and ask questions around: What a healthy amount of disassociation from the body may be. How do we cultivate more safety and resilience inside of ourselves so this disassociation doesn't become permanent? What is necessary to move through emotions and alchemize pain (physical and emotional) that is stored in our tissues? How can we amplify our inner joy and move from truer emotional and spiritual alignment? How much untapped genius and medicine already exists inside of us? I create art and theatre as a sacred vehicle for learning and expansion. My hope is that the art and dance I share will provide permission, tools and inspiration for others to embark on their own creative healing journeys and to rediscover wholeness in their lives.


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