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. Somatic processing and experiencing .
Movement: Yoga, Pilates, Dance . 
. Meditation . Breath work .
. Mindfulness. Goal Setting .
. Neuroplastic Visualization .
. EFT tapping.

Surrender Suffering,
Discover Alignment

While pursuing my Dance career, I have simultaneously been Certified as a Trauma informed Life-Coach (Transformational Arts College) studying Somatic processing, Meditation, Mindset and the Polyvagal Theory.

My approach to coaching is Holistic; meaning WHOLE: Integrating Mind, Body and Soul (Spirit) - taking into account the WHOLE of YOU and your personal context. The work is informed by your PAST (why you think/feel the way you do) but specifically focuses on finding the TRUTH for you in the PRESENT, while planning action steps to create the FUTURE you desire. 

My offerings are client-led: I collaborate with you using my multi-disciplinary strengths in movement and mindset, neuroplasticity as well as intuitive gifts to find the individualized support that feels right for you. 

Above all else, I am committed to helping you feel more at EASE; Comfortable in your skin, worthy and confident in order to attract all that you desire.  It is revolutionary to know you have your own back. To put old stories to rest and re-establish TRUST with yourself. 


Lay down your suffering: I invite you to EXHALE.

        Let me hold you as you take a sigh of RELIEF. 

I'm Kelly Shaw. 

 An Intuitive, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Dancer and Life Coach. Expression through Art and primarily movement chose me, and it has been one of my life's greatest gifts, teachers, and vehicles for growth to this point. 

While working as a successful professional dancer (Toronto Metropolitan University, BFA), teacher, fitness/pilates instructor and choreographer for over 15 years, I have simultaneously devoted myself to a deep and transformational self-development journey to heal my inner world. From a young age I felt I was "TOO MUCH", not understanding the gifts of being a highly sensitive empath and artist. I began over- functioning as a high achieving, pleasing, perfectionist. Appearing successful, in love, healthy and happy on the outside, while hurting deeply inside ; Mental health struggles and adrenal exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, injuries, anxious attachment and constantly relying on outside validation to determine my worth. I lost the innate trust and love within myself and couldn't hear my inner knowing - so I coped with over-working, over-exercising, people pleasing and disordered eating. What a cocktail! 

I was drastically out of alignment and it was making me very sick. I was living out my dream career, thriving even - but saying YES when I meant NO, staying in toxic cycles/relationships and struggling with low self-esteem daily. 
A life of suffering is something I do not wish for anyone. Having discovered HEALTH & GRACE I never thought possible in my own life, I now feel deeply committed to helping you find the same RELIEF in your own.



"I feel so at peace with myself. So much less shame for my feelings, my reactions and my sensitivity. And I feel so worthy and so proud! " 

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